The Hundred Acre Wood

exit pursued by a bear

So bring the rain, Red Leader, bring the rain
For nothing now can ever be the same
And nothing now can come to any good
It’s Khmer Rouge Year Zero
In the Hundred Acre Wood

Agent Orange is a rumour on the wind
And evangelists insist that all have sinned
Who knows where common decency once stood?
It took the Fifth Amendment
In the Hundred Acre Wood

Where Mick Jagger has a gun across his knees,
The tracker dogs are nose up to the breeze
And Tigger, Pooh and Piglet are hiding in the trees

Groovy Bob is sober, Brian Jones is pissed,
The Kindred of the Kibbo Kift half-heartedly persist
To try to fill a vacuum where once stood Robin Hood
Green Men going native
In the Hundred Acre Wood

Teddybears array beneath the flagging Hindu sign
Of a sunwheel god, ecstatic and malign
Oaths and avowals based on soil and blood
Will stand a thousand years
In the Hundred Acre Wood

The lacerated worm forgives the sullen plough
Iconoclasts take potshots at every sacred cow
And membership of the National Trust cannot save you now

Old Possum tries his hardest to ignore 
The desperate, frantic rapping at the door 
His harried mind cannot compose the sentences it should
From Dog Fox Field on Margate Sands
To the Hundred (S)acre(d) Wood

While racist background static continues night and day
Dog-whistling to the herrenvolk as they come out to play
It’s just another chapter in a tale where none are good
Paid on both betraying sides 
In the Hundred Acre Wood

The helicopter gunships smile on those below
Camouflage becomes them in a way they couldn't know
We shout our drunken raucous way through Hal-an-Tow

The earth compelled the service to be read by candlelight
For those who wrecked themselves in nothing more than spite
The nine men’s morris is filled up with mud
And prayers have been said backwards
In the Hundred Acre Wood

And nothing now can come to any good
So bring the rain, Blue Leader, (although I doubt you could)
Having drained from us our reason 
Forgive us now our treason
In the Hundred Acre Wood

And curse the waters of the rising flood
Shantih Covid Shantih
Shantih Brexit Shantih
Shantih Fucking Shantih
In the Hundred Acre Wood

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